Updated Safety Protocols and Procedures

At the Los Angeles Dodgers Training Academy the safety of our athletes and employees is our number one priority. All of the safety planning for DTA facilities and offices have been informed by or adopted from California State’s guidelines as well as the CDC guidelines for COVID-19. Our staff is up to date on these procedures and will be updated as new information is released.

Facility Setup:

To keep all athletes and staff members as safe as possible, we have altered our programming and the setup of each facility:

  • A check-in policy for all persons that enter offices or facilities that make temperature checks and questions related to possible COVID-19 symptoms and/or exposure mandatory.
  • Signs throughout the facility to direct traffic and notify all persons of guidelines that will be enforced by all DTA staff.
  • To ensure the implementation of 6 feet of social distancing, policies have been created for the setup of stations, player equipment areas, as well as locations where lines may form.
  • To increase the circulation of fresh air, facilities with bay/roll-up doors will have them open to varying degrees depending on the weather and/or amount of sunshine (which could create a hazard, based on limited vision).
Cleaning Protocols:

To keep all athletes and staff members as safe as possible, we have created the following cleaning and sanitizing practices:

  • Use and/or consulted with a professional cleaning service to ensure we sanitize and clean to the highest standards and to stay updated on best practices to mitigate risks in high-touch areas.
  • All high-touch areas in our facilities are disinfected throughout the day, including prior to opening and in-between programming.
  • Any shared equipment is sanitized before next use and/or will be rotated out for use on a later day, allowing any potential virus has a chance to die off before next use.
Policies for Staff:

To keep all athletes safe each staff member will:

  • Self-certify that they have not had or come into contact with anyone that has been confirmed to have COVID-19.
  • Not come to work if sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Take their temperature upon entering work to ensure they do not have a fever (100.4° F or higher they are not permitted to enter).
  • Use PPE when in the facility (masks at all times and gloves, where necessary).
  • Wash their hands using antibacterial soap for 20 seconds or sanitize on a regular basis.
  • Sanitize any shared equipment if being used in any programming.
  • Oversee the safety guidelines for all individuals they provide instruction to.